akf group

Our packaging adheres to HPE quality standards.

Packing companies in the German HPE (the 'Federal Association of Lumber Packaging Materials, Pallets, and Export Packing') joined forces to set up a specialist affiliation dealing with 'Packing to HPE standards'. The aim of the organisation is to safeguard packing services, that are delivered on time, providing perfect quality, catering for all types of wear and tear, in keeping with the latest technical standards. Encompassing 60 members, this specialist affiliation has a long track record in packing industrial and export goods.

The cornerstones of quality assurance are:

  • experts who receive regular training, e.g.: as part of packing courses offered to member companies by the HPE
  • the HPE packing guidelines, capturing minimum standards for perfect packaging tailored to the needs of the market. Special fabrications are also possible if requested by the customer. The HPE guidelines are monitored regularly by affiliation members and if necessary adapted. As a result, they reflect the latest technical developments.
  • packers' liability insurance, which covers damage caused by inadequate packaging. Insurance can only be taken out by the specialist, packer and is obligatory for all specialist affiliation members.

Today's customers do not just need packing services. They also expect their suppliers to provide a comprehensive range of logistical services. Packing companies have therefore expanded their specialist knowledge significantly. 

We offer the following spectrum of services:

  • packing advice
  • packing of all types of industrial goods, inclusive professional corrosion protection
  • packing suitable for containers and stowing containers
  • warehousing and commissioning
  • shipping documents
  • provision or sourcing of freight services
  • punctual IT-based consignment management

The member companies have established a strong market presence as logistics providers, partly underpinned by their own certified QM systems. Members of the 'Packing to HPE standards' affiliation use the following symbol, which also contains a reference number specific to each manufacturer. The symbol may only be used on consignments that adhere to HPE packing guidelines. To join the specialist affiliation, members have to be audited. After this, their entry in address lists is marked 'HPE Standard'.

Quality is our tradition.