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Lumber packaging

Whether it involves crates, sliding container floors, forwarding by road, air or sea - every packing solution we provide is precise and individually tailored to your requirements. We can use wood, plywood or OSB. Our staff is experienced and well trained.


Manufacture of tri-wall corrugated and salt-water proof cardboard packing materials. Also made with a heavy duty base.

Hazardous goods

We have an own in-house hazardous goods expert. Materials are packed in certified containers in a range of sizes.

Factory packing

Mobile teams who will come to you for outsourced packaging projects.

Environmentally friendly lumber packaging

Lumber - a renewable raw material

  • Wood as a raw material can be regrown. Many German forests are now managed sustainably, in other words, less lumber is harvested from them than grows back. The volume of wood that grows each year in Germany is 80 million cubic metres, and of this, approximately 62 million cubic metres is harvested. Wood stocks will continue to rise sharply in the coming years meaning that vast quantities of usable resources are not being used - although they could be, without upsetting the equilibrium of sustainable forestry practice.
  • All other European countries - with the exception of Spain and Portugal - are in the same situation: annual logging is lower than growth.


In Germany, the most important supplier of lumber used for packaging is the local market.* When petroleum is converted into plastic it is used for ever. When trees are logged, they leave space for new trees. The younger trees that replace them improve a forest's capacity to store CO2. 

Quelle: hpe.de
*akf only uses premium quality wood from Scandinavia that has been treated in a drying chamber.



Quality is our tradition.