Quality is our tradition.

akf siemers nordpack GmbH

The akf siemers nordpack is based in Hamburg-Billbrook and for years now is looking after the packaging for companies within the Langley Group, which include locations in China, Germany and France. Our staff is working online within the costumers ERP system resulting in a highly efficient data exchange.

The nordpack runs its own manufacturing on site which enables the production of desired packaging for sea-, air and road transport within hours as well as the transport accomplishment.

Large system parts for the cement industry as well as small parts and high-quality, sensitive commercial goods are commissioned and packaged in the approximately 1.500 sqm packaging hall.

A second hall with a floor space of 1.000 sqm provides additional space for storage and packaging. Specific power plant orders are processed here. Our employees are familiar with the KKS Power Plant Classification System.

The outer storage space has a paved area of 4.000 sqm and is used as storage space for larger shipment projects.

Quality is our tradition.